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Welcome to 6XMailer's home site, here you can find information about new releases and bug fixes, as well as any information and documentation pertaining to the mail reader. I also hope to have themes and language packs available soon.

The Latest

Tuesday, February 27, 2001 5:17:29 AM Central Standard Time

I have now made 6XMailer's new home SourceForge.


The current feature in 6XMailer are listed below.

Known Issues

Uses of 6XMailer

6XMailer has many uses from both private to corporate uses. It's great for a vacation e-mail service, private web server, free mail services web interface, and many more. It's developing constantly and many new uses may arise over time.


6XMailer Forum

Need help, want to help, or want to make a comment or bug report, just visit our new user forum.

Old 6XMailer Forum (ARCHIVE ONLY)

View the old forum to see if your problem has been addressed. This forum is closed, so you can't post, only read.

6XMailer Mailing List

To keep informed about new releases, updates, or other information about 6XMailer or any other 6XGate Systems' Product, just join or mailing list.

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Screen Shots

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